Split Systems Services

A split system air conditioner is a reverse-cycle system which is available in many formats, including wall hung, bulk head type, floor standing and cassettes.

Split systems are a simple way of quickly and efficiently cooling or warming an area of your home. Generally they are good for a single room, but if placed intelligently, optimising for breezeways and existing draughts, they can help regulate temperature across the home.

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Features and benefits

More about Split System Air Conditioners and why you would choose one

A split system, as its name suggests, has its components split into two parts, an outdoor compressor and condenser components and an indoor component that contains the evaporator component.

Split systems are great for cooling/heating a small area of your home or building, but if you have a much larger space that requires multiple split systems, a Multi split-systems will allow you to have multiple indoor units with just a single outdoor unit.

Quiet and Effective

Split systems (reverse-cycle included) are both quiet and effective at cooling/warming a space. On low fan speeds you’d never know the system was running, but will adequately cool/warm your space.

Simple to use

Each split system will come with a remote control that allows the user to quickly and easily make adjustments to the cooling or heating properties of the unit. The remote generally uses infrared to send/receive information to/from the split system.

Quick and easy to install

Compared to other methods of heating and cooling, split systems are quick, easy and relatively cheap to install.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Some commonly asked questions about Split System Air Conditioners

  • How often do I need to get my split system serviced?

    You should get your split system serviced at least once a year, but this varies between manufacturers. Your owners manual will include some maintenance tips and timeframes that are specifically for your unit. If you want specific information on this before you buy, speak to one of our sales technicians.

  • Will the system cool/warm my home?

    Depends on the layout of your home, but generally speaking, a single unit won’t cool or warm your entire home. The positioning of the unit can be optimised so that it has a greater effect on cooling/heating, but more often 2 or more systems are required for a full home affect.

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