Add-on Refrigerated Cooling Systems

An add-on refrigerated cooling system, as the name would suggest, is an add-on component to ducted gas heating systems that allows you to run refrigerated air conditioning via the same ducting and outlets that are part of your existing system.

Add-on systems are fully integrated central cooling systems that provide comfort year round.

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Features and benefits

Why Add-on Refrigerated Cooling Systems?

Connects to your existing system

The add-on system is designed to connect to your existing system, meaning that there isn’t an unnecessary amount of duct work needing to be done. In some cases there might need to be some changes made to the layout of the existing system to make it compatible.

Provides year round comfort

Have proper climate control with a gas ducted heating system and an add-on air conditioning system. This is a perfect setup for those that installed a gas heating system before reverse-cycle ducted systems were readily available and as advanced as they are now.

Simple and easy to use

Even though they’re two individual units, they’re operated from the same central remote, making it very easy to use and operate.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Some commonly asked questions about Refrigerated Reverse Cycle Systems (Add-on Refrigerated Cooling Systems)

  • Do I need to install an add-on system with the ducted heating system?

    You don’t need to install them together, but you need to allow some room for it to be installed at a later date. If you’ve got an existing ducted heating system and are looking into an add-on system, give us a call and one of our technicians will clarify with you if an add-on system will work for your existing setup.

  • Can I use any branded add-on system with my existing gas ducted heating?

    No, not usually. Generally there will be an add-on system specifically for your current ducted heating unit, or for a class of ducted heating units manufactured by that brand. Ask one of our sales technicians if you’re unsure what system you need for your home.

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