Ducted Gas Heating Services

A Ducted Gas Heating system is a cost effective heating solution that runs on Natural Gas or LPG. They are available in various efficiency models ranging from 3-7 stars.

Ducted gas heating consists of convection heaters circulating warm air throughout the home via insulated vents in the floor or ceiling.

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Features and benefits

Why choose Ducted Gas heating systems?

Ducted gas heating is a well-established favourite option for Australian consumers as they prepare for the cold winter months in their homes. This is because it is a cost-effective way to heat your home both quickly and simply – with just a press of a button, you can have warm air circulating throughout your entire house in no time at all.

It manages this through a single heating unit, usually installed outside of your home, that warms and then blows air through insulated ducting and duct outlets that are placed in your rooms. Because of the way the air is warmed, ducted gas heating doesn’t dry out the air like other heating methods can, which results in far less irritation for your eyes and skin and a more comfortable environment overall.

One of the benefits of how simple ducted heating systems are is that they can quickly become a smart asset to your home, able to be intelligently programmed to come on as soon as the cold becomes uncomfortable for you and your family. This can also apply to some basic scheduling functions, meaning that with just a few button presses you’ll ensure nobody ever has to wake up in the freezing cold or come home to a chilly house ever again.

Depending on the model that you choose and the complexity of your system, your house can also be separated into intelligently-controlled zones, with temperatures adjusted independently. This saves you money, as you’re not heating rooms that you aren’t occupying. Even on models that don’t support this zoning function, the ducting can simply be shut in rooms that don’t require heating.

Ducted gas heating systems are suitable for almost every home and circumstance, as it can be installed in the roof of your house or on the outside, with insulated ducting run from this central heating location. The exact details of the installation process are different for every home, but our heating experts will work closely with you to determine exactly what the best solution is for your family.

The Star Rating System, Explained

As soon as you begin to research heater systems you will discover that they’re rated with stars and may be confused about how to interpret this rating when making your purchasing decision.

This star-rating system is used in Australia to communicate the efficiency of a heating system in terms of how much gas it uses to produce the heat that is pumped throughout your home. The scale is from 3–7, with 3 being the least efficient score and 7 being the maximum level of efficiency possible. It is meant to act as an indicative guide of just how much a heating system will cost you to run in terms of annual energy usage. The higher the stars, the bigger the savings. 

As a general rule of thumb, an increase of one star will save you approximately 10% in your energy usage. By choosing a system with a higher rating, you could very quickly be saving hundreds of dollars a year, compared to a less efficient system.

If you have any confusion, concerns or questions when deciding which heating system is right for you, your friendly Casey Air partner will be happy to help guide you through the specifics of whichever model you are interested in.

Your Ducted Heating Experts

At Casey Air, our team of dedicated professionals have decades of experience with both heating and cooling the residents of Melbourne, working with our customers to provide the best possible solutions and service. We genuinely care about the quality of our workmanship and always put the customer first.

Casey Air stocks systems such as Bonaire, Brivis and Braemar, leaders in the ducted gas heating space and brand names that you can trust. Their products are simply the best on the market, with some of the best after-sale care offered to consumers in Melbourne. They’ve also proven themselves to be quick responders whenever we’ve had a warranty or product concern.

If a customer comes to us for a quote on a ducted gas heating system, they can be assured that the person they speak to will be the same person who is with them right up until the installation of their home’s new heating solution. This consistency makes communication much easier for you and for us; if you have any questions, you know immediately who to contact and we can get you the answers as quickly as possible.

Our installation teams are just as professional, and just as knowledgeable of you and your specific job circumstances, due to our reliance on proper note-taking and documentation so nothing is missed during the entire process. If you have any questions about ducted gas heating or want to find out if it’s the right solution for your home and family, you can fill out our online contact form to request a quote, or call us at 1300 732 211.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Some commonly asked questions about Ducted Gas Heating

  • How often should I get my heating system serviced?

    Like your car, periodic preventative maintenance is key to your ducted heating system lasting. We recommend at least getting the unit serviced every 12-24 months.

    Talk to one of our technicians about your current setup and they’ll determine what type of maintenance schedule will work best.

  • How much does a gas ducted heating system cost to run?

    We cannot determine an average monthly or yearly running cost because it is entirely dependant on variables out of our hands, such as personal usage, gas prices and environmental factors.

    If you want to get a more precise estimate, speak to one of our technicians about running costs, and they’ll be able to provide a rough estimate on monthly or yearly running costs based on information you provide them.

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