Cooling Services Across Melbourne

Whatever your cooling needs are, Casey Air has got it covered

  • Casey Air Split Systems

    Split Systems

    A split system air conditioner is a low-profile, wall-mounted refrigerative air conditioner, that cools a small area of your home or building. Split systems also come in reverse-cycle variants, and provide both heating and cooling.

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  • Multi Split Systems Units Supply and Installation Across Melbourne

    Multi Split Systems

    If you've got a home or building that requires more than one split system, a multi split system setup might be a better fit. A multi split system allows multiple indoor units to be connected to a single outdoor unit.

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  • Evaporative Cooling Supply and Installation Across Melbourne

    Evaporative Cooling

    Evaporative cooling systems work by drawing warm air through a series of wet pads which cool the air through evaporation. The air is then sent through the home via a series of ducts.

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  • Ceiling Cassettes Supply & Installation Across Melbourne

    Ceiling Cassettes

    Ceiling cassettes are an extremely low-profile option for heating and/or cooling a larger commercial space. With only the vents visible, Ceiling cassettes are an extremely practical system for spaces where in which design is just as important as functionality.

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  • Inverter Ducted Air Conditioning Systems

    Ducted Reverse Cycle

    Ducted Inverter systems are a large type of reverse-cycle split system where the indoor component is located in the roof or under the house and vents air through insulated ducts into individual rooms of the home or building.

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  • Add-on Refrigerated Heating & Cooling System Melbourne

    Add-on Refrigerated Cooling Systems

    An add-on refrigerated cooling system, as the name would suggest, is an add-on component to ducted gas heating systems that allows you to run refrigerated air conditioning via the same ducting and outlets that are part of your existing system.

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  • Rooftop Package Air Conditioning Units Across Melbourne

    Rooftop Package Air Conditioning Units

    Rooftop package air conditioning units are large, commercially designed reverse-cycle air conditioners ranging from 16 to 80 Kw capacities. Rooftop packages can come in models that offer multi-zone heating and/or cooling and air ventilation.

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