Rooftop Package Air Conditioning Units

Rooftop package air conditioning units are large, commercially designed reverse-cycle air conditioners ranging from 16 to 80 Kw capacities. Rooftop packages can come in models that offer multi-zone heating and/or cooling and air ventilation.

As the name would suggest, rooftop package units are installed on the roof of the building and are much larger than your traditional domestic-style unit.

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Features and benefits

Why you would choose a Rooftop Package Air Conditioning Unit

Commercially designed

Rooftop packages are engineered specifically for commercial use, meaning they can run in harsher conditions and under more strain from usage.

Easy to service

The unit is designed to be easy to maintain and service. The panels that protect the internal components can be easily removed, making the repair/maintenance process much more efficient than a traditional air conditioning/heating unit.

Cost effective

For large-scale operation, these units are more cost effective than if you were to install individual units offering the same output. Rooftop package units are also easier to service and maintain from a technicians point of view, meaning that servicing costs are better relatively speaking.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Some commonly asked questions about Rooftop Package Air Conditioning Units

  • Would my building benefit from a rooftop package unit?

    These units benefit bigger commercial buildings that have a high demand on heating and cooling. Rooftop package units are easier to service, and are much larger than most other units, making them perfect for high usage demands. If you think this type of unit might suit your needs, give us a call and organise a site inspection.

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