Ducted Air Conditioning

Ducted Inverter systems are a large type of reverse-cycle split system where the indoor component is located in the roof or under the house and vents air through insulated ducts into individual rooms of the home or building.

The system can be zoned, meaning you can adjust which rooms get cool/warm air, and which do not. More advanced systems have advanced zoning settings and are programmable.

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Features and benefits

Inverter Ducted Systems work and why you would choose one

Inverter ducted systems work in the same way as their smaller split system counterparts; there’s an indoor component and an outdoor component. The main difference is that the ducted variant is larger and has a higher output.

Proper Climate Control

Cool or warm your home year round, in both winter and summer seasons. Have proper climate control with an inverter ducted system.

Even air distribution

Ducted heating and cooling will provide an even temperature across the areas that are being heated/cooled. This means no unwanted cold or warms spots around your home


Some models come with zoning settings allowing you to target warm or cold air to specific rooms. Higher end models will allow you to alter the specific temperatures within each zoned room to.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Some commonly asked questions about Refrigerated Reverse Cycle Systems (Inverter Ducted Systems)

  • Will my home be littered with vents?

    No. The vents and ducts are completely unobtrusive. If you’ve got roof ducts, they will be low profile and placed as efficiently as possible around your home. The same applies to floor vents.

  • How do I maintain the system?

    Like most air conditioning units and split systems, they require some maintenance. Inverter ducted systems should be serviced every 12 months and require a certified technician. Bigger systems require more preventative and ongoing maintenance than their smaller counterparts.

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