Multi Split Systems Solution

If you’ve got a home or building that requires more than one split system, a multi split system setup might be a better fit. A multi split system allows multiple indoor units to be connected to a single outdoor unit.

This means that the exterior of your home remains neat as you do not have multiple unites mounted outside. The number of ports and capacity rating on the condenser determine how many heads can be connected. A 2-5 head unit will generally be sufficient for a standard sized home.

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Features and benefits

Why you would choose a Multi Split Systems

Save on power bills

Having a single compressor/condenser unit instead of multiple will save you money by reducing overall running costs. You also don’t have to buy multiple outdoor units.

Easy to use

Most multi split system setups will have a single remote for each system. This allows precise temperature management throughout each room/area that features a split system.

Quick and easy installation

Compared to other methods of household cooling/heating, multi split systems are quicker and easier to install. Our installers don’t have to work around roof or floor ducts, making for a substantially quicker install.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Some commonly asked questions about Multi Split Systems

  • Is a multi system larger than a single head system?

    The outdoor component will be larger depending on the amount of indoor components it is able to connect to. The indoor components of the split systems will be the same as a usual split system.

  • Do multi head split system compressor/condenser units cost more?

    Yes, but relative to the amount of units that can be connected to them, they are substantially cheaper than if you were to buy individual components.

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