HVAC Servicing & Maintenance

Get more out of your heating or cooling system by taking care of it with regular servicing and maintenance. The efficiency of a unit can drop dramatically if it is not taken properly maintained, which will cost you much more money in the long run on running costs and eventually repairs.

Servicing your heating and cooling systems is a simple as getting on the phone and organising it with one of our sales technicians.

Note: We service domestic and commercial systems.

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More about our Servicing and Maintenance packages

Your in-home heating or cooling system needs to be maintained in order for them to perform properly and efficiently. If not maintained, you could end up paying a lot for minor issues which would be picked up and sorted during service.

Servicing your heating or cooling unit(s) is just like servicing your car. If you don’t keep up with vehicle maintainance, it would eventually give in and stop working. The same principle applies to your heating or cooling units.

Generally speaking, servicing your heating and cooling systems once a year is ideal, but it also depends on how often or little they’re used.
For example, highly used systems might require servicing twice a year, but for those that aren’t used very often might be able to get by with one service every two years.

Should your heating or cooling unit fail and require an on-site repair, give us a call and we can organise an emergency call out. We’ll determine the cause of the problem, and quote the overall cost of the repair. If parts are required to complete the repair, they may have to be ordered in from the manufacturer. 


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Frequently Asked Questions

Some commonly asked questions about our Servicing and Maintenance packages

  • How often should my unit be serviced?

    The duration between services is entirely dependent on what type of unit you have and how you use it. Generally, we recommend a yearly service, but for excessive use, 6-month intervals might be a better suit.

  • How much is a general maintenance service cost?

    The rates start from $185 for a wall hung split system and $240 for a ducted heating or cooling system based on a single storey home.
    A double-storey home will be more as depending on height and roof pitch, further safety measures may need to be taken into account.

  • Do you do repairs?

    We can assist with domestic breakdown issues.
    We offer competitive rates of $220 call out and $30 per 15 minutes to diagnose your system.
    All repair work that requires parts is quoted prior to further works.