Evaporative Cooling Services

Evaporating cooling systems still remain a popular choice for many customers, as it is cheap to run and is effective at cooling homes.

Evaporative cooling systems work by drawing warm air through a series of wet pads which cool the air through evaporation. The air is then sent through the home via a series of ducts.

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Features and benefits

How Evaporative Cooling works and why you would choose it

The temperature of the air that the evaporative cooling system creates is reliant on the outside temperature and humidity levels. Generally speaking, there should always be a drop in temperature

Low running costs

Compared to refrigerated cooling systems, evaporative cooling systems can be up to 80% cheaper to run. Evaporative coolers will also cool the entire home or building it is installed in, while other forms of cooling will only cool specific zones within the building.

Clean air

The pads that the warm air is drawn through will filter out any dust particles. This leaves the air that enters the home very clean and clear of dust, allergens and insects.

Can be used in large open spaces

Evaporative cooling forces warm air out of the room, replacing it with the cooled air. This means that the coolers will work in large open spaces, where a conventional air conditioner would not work as well.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Some commonly asked questions about Evaporative Cooling

  • Why must the a door or window be left open?

    Effective evaporation requires a continuous, unrestricted flow of air. If the air flow is restricted, the humidity of the room can increase to uncomfortable levels, and the evaporation will decrease.

  • It is unsafe or impractical to have windows open in my home?

    There are alternate methods of venting the outgoing air that can be installed in your home. If this is something you require, we can help you make the right decision and set up the correct system to vent the outgoing air.

  • Will the cooling system increase the humidity in the air?

    Yes, by a slight degree, unless you restrict the air flow. The degree in which the humidity increases is very small and is generally unnoticeable.

  • Will the cooler work on high humidity days?

    Yes, but to a lesser extent as evaporation is reduced. The highest humidity that an evaporative cooling system will work in is around 70%, but varies slightly between manufacturers.

    On higher humidity days, turning off the water pump in the unit and just having air blown around will make the room feel cooler, as moving air always feels cooler than still air.

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